We never know just how bad the winter weather will be, but should be prepared either way. Getting ready for the cold temperatures means more than just getting flu shots and bundling up. There are a number of preparations to consider for a safer winter.

Properly Heating Your Home –

If the weather is getting colder, it’s time to reflect on your home heating options. Due to a decline of body temperature control, seniors are at higher risk for hypothermia or other chronic illnesses. Keeping a home properly heated means maintaining a safe body temperature for you and your loved ones. Take some time to look into cost-efficient options and to also inspect your home for fire hazards. Keep flammable materials away from heaters and be sure to check that your heating units meet all safety regulations.

Preventing Falls and Slips –

Making sure the inside of your home is properly heated is important, but there are also maintenance tips to consider when it comes to the outside. For those who have difficulty with mobility, slippery sidewalks and walkways can be extremely dangerous. If you are unable to manage on your own, be sure to make an agreement with someone in advance to regularly shovel and cover the sidewalks with salt. Invest in a good pair of waterproof winter boots with adequate traction, and keep them by your door for convenience. Also, consider buying an absorbent door mat, so that there isn’t any snow or water getting carried into your home, making your floors slippery.

In Case of An Emergency –

Winter weather sometimes means extreme conditions. Keeping an eye on the weather will help you to make any last minute arrangements, but some storms can be unexpected. In case of a blizzard or winter storm, it’s crucial to be prepared. You can start by stocking up on basic necessities and packing a storm supply kit that includes food, water and a flashlight with extra batteries. You can view Redcross’s “Disaster Preparedness: For Seniors by Seniors” checklist for more details.

Getting ready for winter? Check out our blog post on “Cold & Flu Prevention Tips”. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us!

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