Many people are familiar with living a “heart-healthy lifestyle”, but remembering to maintain a brain-healthy lifestyle is just as important. As the observance of National Alzheimer’s Awareness begins, there’s no better time for you and your loved one to think about what can be done to keep your brain in the best shape.

Follow a brain-boosting diet.

On your next trip to the grocery store, try stocking up on kale, spinach and broccoli. Eating green leafy plants and other vegetables helps to boost brain health and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Your journey to a brain healthy diet doesn’t stop at the vegetable aisle. Nuts, beans, fish and poultry, which are high in fiber and protein also help to keep your mind sharp. Keep in mind that you’ll want to steer clear of cheese, pastries and fried foods if you want to achieve optimal brain health.

Stay physically fit.

Physical fitness and regular exercise can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by up to 50% percent. Consider signing up for a gym membership, joining a fitness group or make a weekly plan of ways to achieve the brain-protecting benefits of working out. Ideally, it’s best to include at least 2 hours of cardio a week, as well as weight training and balance coordination activities. Keep in mind that routine activities such as cleaning and gardening are considered exercise too. Just be sure to get up and get moving.

Get mentally active.

Staying physically fit is a great start to optimal brain health, but remembering to exercise your brain is extremely important too. By challenging your mind, you are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s or dementia. Some effective mental activities include practicing memorization, taking a new route, learning something new or playing strategy games, puzzles or riddles with a friend. It’s great to incorporate your hobbies and interests with brain stimulation. Learning to play an instrument or new language is a great way to make mental fitness a fun priority.

If you and your loved one are interested in learning about more options to boost your brain health, feel free to contact us!


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