Majority of adults that plan to care for an aging relative live at least one or more hours away. Checking up on your loved ones can be simple but when it comes to caregiving, not knowing what’s happening with their care can be tough. The best way to support your senior in need is to prepare and plan ahead.

Start by making connections –

Get to know your loved one’s neighbors. Forming a relationship with a trusted neighbor can help to ensure there is someone you can call to check on them in case of an emergency. Also, volunteer visitors and adult day care centers can help to make sure that your loved one is getting the right amount of social interaction.

Establish lines of open communication –

For long-distance caregivers, telephone and email are usually the primary forms of communication. Plan a schedule with your loved one ahead of time in which you can check up on each other daily or a couple times a week. In addition to phone calls and emails, by teaching your aging relative how to use newer technology like Skype or Facetime, opens up even more communications channels. Communicating with your senior in need is important, but also keep in mind to talk to their health care providers for things they may not have shared with you.

Consider a variety of needs –

There are many factors to consider outside of living arrangements when it comes to providing care for a long-distance relative. If you will be responsible for paying their bills, get in touch with a financial advisor to help you determine the best plan of action. When it comes to transportation, tap into your connections and discuss arrangements with those you trust. If your senior in need lacks the ability to cook, consider finding a meal delivery service in their local area.

If you and your loved one are in a long-distance caregiver relationship, feel free to connect with us for more tips and resources.

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  1. Long distance caregiving is not easy, the relative will always feel that you don’t care if you don’t take special initiative to make them feel you really care.

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