As thrilling as bingo is, sometimes you’ve got to switch it up and keep things exciting. What better way to keep your loved one active and entertained than with these suggestions of crafts, outdoors games and field trips.

Crafts –

Arts and craft is a win-win for everyone. While many of the creative activities have brain-boosting benefits, you can also use what you’ve created as a gift. Making your grandchildren a scrapbook or your family members a memoir to hold onto forever is always a meaningful idea. Another fun craft idea is making different types of food. One fun food project is to make home-made ice cream. There are also tons of healthy snack mix recipes books and resources online. These fun activities are a perfect way to bond and enjoy your tasteful creations.

Outdoor Games –

If staying inside and crafting isn’t for you, perhaps some active outdoor games are the way to go. Horseshoes, shuffleboard and botchi are a few perfect low-key outdoor games to keep your loved one moving without being too intensive. Again, these strategic games strengthen your loved one’s mental skills while enjoying the fresh air and outdoors. They also provide you with the benefits of light exercise. And, if your loved one is feeling really adventurous, you can try engaging in sports such as Frisbee, golf or tennis.

Field Trips –

You can also try taking your loved one out on various field trips for some fun and socialization. Whether it be out to lunch or to the farmers market, getting out of the house and visiting different places provides a nice change of pace. On a nice, cool summer day, a trip to the beach would be a perfect way to enhance relaxation and get some vitamin D. Explore group activities in the area as well. Activities like bird watching and group tours of museums are always good to try.

Interested in learning about more fun activities for seniors, we’re happy to help! Feel free to contact us and we will help your brainstorm.


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