Grocery shopping. You either love it or you hate it. The stores can be overwhelming with aisle upon aisle of food and drink. And there’s all those important decisions along the way – skim or whole, diet or regular, paper or plastic, self-checkout or traditional checkout? And why is it that even when you go for just a few things you always seem to spend way more than you thought? If you’re not prepared, it can take up half your day and a big chunk out of your wallet. But with these money- and time-saving tips, your next trip to the supermarket should be a little bit easier.


Always Have A List

Having a grocery list can help you save time and money. Try organizing your list based on the layout of the store. This will keep you from having to visit he same area multiple times. You also won’t have to stop and think about what else you need if you have a list in hand. Plus, if you stick to your list and only your list, it will keep you from spending extra money on things you don’t need.


Don’t Shop Hungry

The hungrier you are, the more you’re likely to buy – list or no list. In fact, studies have shown that if you do your grocery shopping on an empty stomach, there is a tendency to significantly increase your overall grocery bill. In addition, people don’t always make the best food choices when their stomachs are growling – buying 31% more high calorie food than usual. So, try filling your stomach before you go to fill your cart.


Choose Your Sales Wisely

Make sure you check the sales flyers before you head to the store – this can even help you with your grocery list. Determining your weekly menu based on items that are on sale can help save money. There are also a variety of coupon websites to find coupons on items you use. And remember to stick to your list once you’re in the store. Many people see things on sale once they’re in the store and throw it in their cart. Also, beware of the displays at the ends of the aisles – often these are items being promoted, but aren’t necessarily on sale!


Shop Different Days and Times

The weekends are an extremely busy time for grocery stores. According to research, you will spend up to seven minutes longer in the supermarket if you’re shopping on Saturdays or Sundays. So if you’re looking to be as efficient as possible with your shopping trips, try going during the week. Weekday evenings after dinner are a great time. It saves you time and you’ll be there after you’ve eaten so you won’t be tempted by things you don’t need!


Bring A Helper

It’s always nice to have a partner with you while you shop. Bringing your older children with you can be a huge help. While you tackle one area of the store, you can send the kids on “missions” to pick up things from other areas or aisles. This will save you a ton of time – especially if you’re stuck at the deli!


We hope you find these tips a huge help the next time you head out to do your grocery shopping. And that you save yourself some time and some money along the way! Happy shopping!


If you’d like to learn even more tips for saving time and money when you’re grocery shopping, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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