As we get older, things start to change. Gray hairs show up with increased frequency. Those fine lines start to become more pronounced. And those cheaters we used to only utilize once in a while to read the tiny type on the back of a package, now are practically a permanent fixture on our noses. You may also start to notice some changes in your memory. But did you know there are things you can do to boost your brain and in turn improve your memory? With November being Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to share some thoughts and activities that can keep your memory as strong as an elephant’s!

There are four key elements to a brain-boosting activity. First, it should teach you something new. Make it something that’s new to you and out of your comfort zone. Second, it should be challenging – meaning it’s an activity that demands that you pay close attention as well as requiring you to really think and use your brain. Third, it should be a skill that you can build on, something that starts off easy and gets more challenging as you progress. Fourth and finally, it should be rewarding – you need to enjoy what you’re doing, otherwise you won’t continue with it!

Here are some brain-boosting activities to try:

Test Your Recall Skills

Make lists. These lists can be anything from groceries to top 10 songs of the week to the first ten Presidents of the United States. But make your list and then memorize it. After an hour or so, go back and quiz yourself and see how many you can remember!

Go by the Numbers

Forget those calculators. Don’t even try to use your fingers and toes. And ditch the paper and pencil while you’re at it! Start doing math in your head. It’s great for challenging your brain in a way it hasn’t been for a long time!

Listen To the Music

Learn to play an instrument. Join a choir. Either of these will help you develop a skill that that you can build upon, continuing to learn and challenge yourself as you improve over time.

Play Games

Take up juggling. Start playing chess. Have a game night with friends. Healthy relationships can be the biggest brain-boosting element of all. By playing games with family and friends, you’re sharpening your mind in two totally different ways – both of which will keep you feeling happy.

Take Up a New Hobby

Painting. Knitting. Dancing. Golf. Yoga. Cooking. Whatever will keep you engaged and entertained, as well as learning and refining your skills is good for your brain. And in turn, it’s good for your memory! Putting together jigsaw puzzles is another great way to exercise your brain in a way that we don’t often get to on a daily basis.

These are just some examples of different ways that you can help boost your brain and improve your memory. Keep in mind, a healthy diet, plenty of sleep and regular exercise are also important to maintaining your brain power throughout your lifetime. If you’d like to learn even more about how you can keep your brain in shape, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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