Not too many people out there can genuinely say that they love going to the doctor. What’s fun about that? You go to his or her office and you have to sit there – sometimes for a long time – reading years-old magazines in the waiting area to see the doctor for just a few minutes. It is no wonder people don’t like going! But you know what would be worse? Finding out after years of not having regular checkups that you have a condition that could have been prevented had you been seeing your doctor regularly. So even though it can be an inconvenience, it is important to have regular checkups with your doctor. Here’s why:

You can never under estimate the power of prevention. Preventing a health issue from starting is always better than having to find a treatment or cure for one. Visiting your doctor regularly for checkups is your first line of defense when it comes to preventing health issues down the road. When you see your doctor there are a wide number of screenings he or she will perform. These can help find any issues before they start or at their earliest stage when the chances for treatment or cure are much better.

When you have an ongoing dialogue over time with your doctor, he or she knows what your typical numbers are for things like your blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate and any other testing they might do for you. This provides them with a baseline of information. As you go for a checkup each year, your doctor can see your history and will easily be able to determine even the slightest changes giving him or her the opportunity to see what’s going on – hopefully before it turns into something serious.

There are also the health costs to consider around yearly physicals. There is plenty of money to be saved by having regular physical exams. Some will say that they don’t like having to spend money on co-pays and such when they feel just fine. That’s all well and good, but imagine what you will need to be spending if you have something major – medically speaking – go wrong. Those costs to deal with a health issue will far outweigh the small price for regular checkups with your doctor. Not to mention, potentially saving your life.

No matter how you choose to look at regular or yearly checkups, they can make a positive difference in your future health and wellbeing. We hope we’ve given you a few good reasons why they matter. You may be feeling great today, but what happens next week when you don’t? If you’ve built up a relationship with your doctor through regular visits, he or she is going to know how best to handle what it is that’s ailing you.

For more information on regular checkups, we’re always here to answer any of your questions!

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