We know. Bathing suit season is almost upon us! And all you’re thinking about is how that suit’s going to look when you dig it out of storage. But there is so much more to staying in shape than simply looking good when you hit the beach this summer. Working out and staying active can have so many more positive effects on your life that you really can’t afford not to be physically active – even as little as 30 minutes a day a few days a week offers huge benefits.

In fact, did you know that staying fit can help to combat a variety of health conditions and diseases like cancer and diabetes? It’s true. There seems to be certain types of cancer that regular exercise has a significant impact on. Steady physical activity can also help to reduce your risk of stroke. That’s because exercise helps to keep both weight and blood pressure down – both risk factors for stroke.

Being physically active has a lot of mental health benefits as well. Research shows that regularly breaking a sweat can reduce depression and anxiety. This boost in mood is attributed to the endorphins released when we exercise. Some experts conclude that in some cases, working out may be as effective as medications in easing depression and anxiety symptoms. Even if you aren’t struggling with a mental health issue, exercise still makes you feel good and happy, boosting your confidence and energy levels while reducing stress. Yeah, you might hate getting on that treadmill at first, but you’re going to love the way you feel when you’re all done!

There are also other brain benefits to working out on a consistent basis. You’ll actually boost your brainpower and help keep your mind sharp. Exercise increases blood-flow to the brain, so when you work out, you feel more alert and more productive. You’re also going to be helping to fight cognitive declines in the long-term by staying physically active. Continuing to exercise throughout your life promotes the growth of new brain cells, which has a positive impact on learning and memory.

And of course, we have to also mention that you’ll sleep better with a good workout schedule. And who doesn’t want more quality sleep in their lives? And the better you sleep, the better you feel overall. Plus, working out can be fun! Grab your friends and go for a walk. Or hit the gym and meet some new friends. Working out doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be whatever you make of it!

So, while looking good in your bathing suit might be your main motivating factor for putting in the time at the gym, there are a host of other wonderful reasons to work out that are going to last way longer than the latest swimsuit style you’re rocking this summer.

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